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PAC Dosing Equipment


PAC dosing device is a complete set of equipment with dissolution, dosing, liquid transport and automatic control. It is widely used in waterworks, sewage treatment plants, petrochemical various dosing systems and wastewater treatment systems, raw water of power plants, boiler feed water, oil field ground gathering and dewatering treatment system.


1. The PAC dosing device is prepared in a dissolution tank according to the required concentration of PAC, and is uniformly stirred by a mixer, and then the metered pump (dosing pump) is used to deliver the prepared solution to the administration point or  designated system.

2. Compact structure, safety and simplicity, and easy operation and use.

Our advantages:

Flexible customization and configuration to achieve applicability functions: the device can be customized and configured of necessary components according to the requirements of different process flow of the customer, realize function suitability (such as automatic remote control), to be economical and practical.


Device name

Combination type

Volume of Dissolving Agent tank (m3)

Pump Flow Rate & Pressure



Flocculant /Coagulant Dosing Device

(PAC, PAM, etc.)

2 tanks plus 2-3 pumps


1.0, 1.5, 2.0

3.0, 4.0, 5.0

40L/h, 0.6Mpa

ZJZ-80S / 80Z

Pump options: plunger / diaphragm/ hydraulic diaphragm type

Control options: Manual or Automatic

60L/h, 0.6Mpa

ZJZ-120S / 120Z

90L/h, 1.0Mpa

ZJZ-180S / 180Z

160L/h, 1.4Mpa

ZJZ-320S / 320Z

330L/h, 1.4Mpa

ZJZ-660S / 660Z


Our main products are 2-chemical and 3-chemical chlorine dioxide generators; gas chlorine dioxide NOX destruction systems; electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generators, and chemical dosing skids.




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