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Chlorine Dioxide Generator for Oilfield Water Supply Treatment

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  • ISO9001, CE

  • Industry

  • 220V

  • Chlorine Dioxide

  • Plywood Box

  • 50-5000 gram per hour

  • CPF-50C2

  • Waterman

  • Made in China

  • 8419200000

  • 3, 000 PCS/Year

  • Available | Customized Request

Waterman brand Chlorine Dioxide Generator is specially designed for water purification. It is a disinfection system of producing chlorine dioxide solution on site and adding them to water for disinfection, algae removal, bleaching, deodorization, etc.

It has many unique and prominent features of optimized structural design, good materials choice, good quality, low cost, safe and reliable operation and good applicability.

We always provide the most economical, reasonable and suitable disinfection solutions to our customers according to their special requirements and special circumstances of the scene.

CPF-50C2 series ClO2 generator is a kind of positive pressure and manual control disinfecting system. It is adopted Positive Pressure dosing technology for the first time in the world. It can brought disinfectant solution directly to the pressured water with simple, safe, reliable, stable operation and other characteristics. The dosage of clo2 solution can be changed manually. Auto-matical control is option.

Normal way of clo2 producing:
Two precursors: 5NaClO2+4HCl = 4ClO2+5NaCl+2H2O
Three precursors are available.

Use of raw materials:
Sodium Chlorite: 78% Industrial Sodium Chlorite
Hydrochloric Acid: 31% Industrial Hydrochloric Acid

Two precursors of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid are inhaled by two metering pumps into titanium alloy reactor, in which producing concentrated high-purity chlorine dioxide solution, then to be dosed in water for disinfection. The dosage of clo2 can be adjusted manually.
When lack of raw chemicals, the liquid level alarm system will give audible and visible alarm signals and automatically cut off the power supply of equipment. Raw chemicals conversion rate is more than 95%.

Main parameters:
Working temperature: 5 ~ 40 degrees Celsius
Operating voltage: 220V plus or minus 10% / 380V plus or minus 10%
Operating current: <5A
There should be no strong electric field and magnetic field interference around equipment.
Maximum pressure of water-pipe-line: <0.7Mpa
Function: Residual-chlorine-on-line control, or manual control
Low liquid level alarm of raw materials
Linkage with water pump
Index Model ClO2 Production (g/h) Disinfection capacity Overall Dimensions (mm)
Drinking Water Hospital Foul Water Swimming Pool Water Industrial Circulating Cooling Water
CPF-50D2 0~50 50~100 2.5~5 25~50 25~150 1400×470×1550
CPF-200D2 0~200 200~400 10~20 100~200 100~600 1500×470×1620
CPF-500D2 0~500 500~1000 25~50 250~500 250~1500 1800×550×1620
CPF-1000D2 0~1000 1000~2000 50~100 500~1000 500~3000 2000×600×1860
CPF-5000D2 0~5000 5000~10000 250~500 2500~5000 2500~15000 2400×660×1860

Chlorine Dioxide Generator for Oilfield Water Supply Treatment
Our main products are 2-chemical and 3-chemical chlorine dioxide generators; gas chlorine dioxide NOX destruction systems; electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generators, and chemical dosing skids.




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